Already in its final year, the BRINC project has positioned itself as an Innovation Procurement Broker, bringing together public buyers and suppliers facilitating the development of innovative solutions to foster circular economy. To strengthen the network of BRINC public authorities, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, project partners organised a workshop in Brussels on 19 March 2024. Moreover, several trainings on public procurement of innovation for public authorities and SMEs have been organised in these past months. 

Project partners organised a workshop in Brussels on 19 March 2024 which gathered the BRINC network of public authorities and other key relevant actors working on public procurement of innovation and circular economy to exchange insights and learn from mutual experiences in this field. 

Organised in parallel to the International conference on innovation procurement, this one-day workshop featured other initiatives at European and regional level striving towards the same goal: 

Moreover, learnings from the two BRINC project cases (on single use sanitary waste and diaper recycling) were presented. Participants discussed the challenges and opportunities faced during the different stages of the procurement process.

In addition, a total of 10 training sessions for SMEs and public authorities were planned to be organised during the duration of the project. In these last months, partners have organised the following training sessions:

The last trainings for SMEs and Public Authorities will be the following:

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