On 26 March 2024, the EPR Club reignited its event series with an engaging Lunch-Debate at the ACR+ offices. It marked a significant moment for the club, aiming to bring members together to discuss recent developments and plan activities for the crucial European Union election year ahead.

The policy landscape surrounding resource management and the circular economy within the EU is continually evolving. Challenges such as raw material shortages, pollution, and energy market volatility are becoming increasingly urgent and complex. Deposit Refund Systems (DRS) have emerged as a key focus area globally due to their potential to address some of these issues. However, like all policy tools, DRS have their limitations, which need to be understood for effective policymaking.

Participants at the Lunch-Debate explored several critical topics, including strategies for elevating DRS, moving from focusing solely on recycling to embracing reuse within the waste hierarchy, highlighting the steps needed for nuanced policy decisions.

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