ACR+ is engaged in several projects aiming at increasing the capacity-building and knowledge of its members either by the collection and analysis of existing data or by the research and presentation of innovative views and solutions.

These projects are all developed in accordance with ACR+ working themes.


Awareness-raising and Communication

Raising awareness about sustainable consumption and resource management is essential to ensure better integration of resource efficiency within national, regional and local strategies and to improve citizens’ behaviour.

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Operational Instruments

Measuring material resources performances (potential targets, quantitative results, indicators, and impact) and improving waste data on selective collection and recycling participate in better defining material resources policies.

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Legal and Economic Instruments

More sustainable behaviour from private and public sectors as well as from citizens/consumers can be encouraged through economic and legal instruments.

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Strategy and Planning

Supporting local authorities with the development of inspiring strategies for their territories to accelerate the change to a circular economy.

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Cooperation and Capacity Building

ACR+ is committed to enhance the capacities of public authorities with regard to waste management and sustainable lifestyles while understanding the specific requirements due to geographical situation and socio-cultural backgrounds and building dynamic partnerships.



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