events  Events

ACR+ organises webinars, conferences and seminars across Europe on topical issues relating to material resource management that its members can join for free.


groupe Professional network

Members have access to an international network of regional and local authorities, organisations and experts involved in urban waste management across Europe.


exchange Information and experience exchanges

Members have the opportunity to exchange information and experiences with leaders in management of various types of waste (packaging, organic waste, bulky waste, electric equipment, hazardous waste, tyres and more!).


report Technical reports

ACR+ reports examine in depth various aspects and issues concerning municipal waste management.


info Information updates

To keep its members regularly updated with the latest developments in the world of material resource management ACR+ has developed :

  • The Newsline: published every week it provides regular up-to-date information about different domains and countries as well as the latest news from ACR+ members. View a sample online.
  • The EU Digest: published every two months it offers a thorough overview of the news from the European institutions. View an extract online.


visibility Visibility opportunities

ACR+ offers its members opportunities to increase their visibility as well as help them with the dissemination of their projects.

ACR+ is more than happy to promote its members' activities! They are all featured in the News from our members section.


compass Support to projects

ACR+ takes part in several European projects and studies. For an overview of our current projects, visit the ACR+ Projects page.

Members gain the opportunity to be involved in studies and international projects on waste prevention, recycling or North-South cooperation.


EU European policies

Stay in close contact with the latest developments of waste and resource policies at the European level, having the possibility to express views in the discussions and decision processes.

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