The benefits of public buyers’ collaboration

From 13 June 2024 10:30 until 13 June 2024 12:00
At Online
Categories: Projects' events

Public procurement is increasingly seen and used by public buyers to drive green, resilient, and inclusive development. However, procurers often struggle to implement effective circular and innovative public procurement due to several challenges, such as legal barriers, lack of market responsiveness or preparedness to cater the buyers’ needs. In this context, cooperation between regions and municipalities is crucial to strengthen knowledge sharing during the procurement process. Joining forces can help to amplify market reach, achieve fair purchasing conditions and secure high-quality services and goods in line with the buyers’ needs.

Through examples from across Europe, this workshop will show how and when it is most relevant to work together to find successful purchasing solutions, and how that can be done in practice.

This training is the fifth and last training of the BRINC Network of Public Authorities.


  • How to carry out collaborative procurement(s) and related benefits
    Malin Håkansson (Lawyer at Sigeman & Co and BRINC Legal helpdesk)
  • Collaboration in federated procurement processes: the case of CLIMABOROUGH
    Francesco Molinari (CLIMABOROUGH)
  • Successful cases of collaboration for procurement from the Circular PSP Project
    Dina Padalkina (Circular Berlin)
  • Joint Procurement of Circular Artificial Sport pitches by Municipalities Amsterdam and Haarlem
    Valentina Schippers-Opejko (City of Haarlem)


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