This summer in Flanders, festivals are required to serve drinks exclusively in reusable materials, except for PET bottles and cans. OVAM's monitoring indicates significant waste reduction, easier cleanup, and cleaner grounds. The impact was positive during spring events as well, with Sfinks Mundial festival reducing waste to 112 grams per person. Studies show reusable cups have a smaller environmental footprint than disposables after 10 uses. The festival season kicked off with Graspop, showing a clear trend: less waste, smoother cleanups, and cleaner venues. This summer, OVAM will enforce these regulations without exceptions. Reusable cups have proven effective, with Graspop seeing a 56% waste reduction per visitor compared to 2018. The OVAM study confirms that reuse is environmentally beneficial, with minimal washing impact and low CO2 emissions. The podcast "Planeet Circul’air" offers organisers tips on using reusable materials effectively. 

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