The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and the London Borough of Barnet have jointly launched the “Bring It, Barnet” campaign to inspire residents to further diminish their use of single-use plastics by choosing reusable alternatives. The campaign is appearing on billboards and bus stops in Barnet as well as social media and will be rolled out across other north London boroughs in future months. 
Research conducted by NLWA in September 2023 revealed that over 85% of Barnet residents already use reusable bags, and 83% use reusable water bottles. Furthermore, 77,7% expressed their intention to decrease their consumption of single-use plastic in food and beverage purchases. Almost 80% indicated an understanding that many single-use plastic items could be substituted with reusable alternatives. Additionally, NLWA calculates that, by swapping out the bottled water, single use hot drinks cups and plastic bags for reusable options, families could save up to GBP 4 881,40 per year 
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