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On 23 January, the City of Warsaw marks the start of an educational campaign titled "Myślę~ nie marnuję opakowań" (I think, I don't waste packaging). The city encourages residents to abandon single-use plastics and embrace reusable packaging. This initiative is part of a broader city-wide effort encouraging Warsaw's inhabitants to reuse various resources, including food, water, clothing and packaging. The campaign is scheduled to continue until the end of April 2024. 
As part of the campaign, city officials will actively promote the use of reusable shopping containers among both buyers and sellers. Specifically, designated areas for so-called boomerang bags and reusable bags will be set up at selected markets in Warsaw. Educators will engage with the approximately 900 daily shoppers at each campaign-conducted market, offering insights on waste reduction, ways to give a second life to unnecessary items, and effective waste management practices. 
Source: https://um.warszawa.pl (in Polish) 
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