OVAM has released a report titled "The missing piece of the EU Green Deal: The case for an EU resources law". The report argues that for the EU's Green Deal to effectively address climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, it is crucial to target the root cause – excessive extraction, production, manufacturing and consumption of material resources. The report emphasises that the unequal distribution of this excess is evident, with the EU consuming more than its fair share, reaching levels nearly double the estimated sustainable consumption levels. To align with the Circular Economy Action Plan objectives and remain within planetary boundaries, addressing material resource consumption becomes essential. The report contends that the EU cannot achieve its climate change targets without making significant progress in reducing resource consumption. 
The proposed solution involves the development of an EU Material Resources Law. It advocates meeting human needs with fewer material resources through a systemic change approach. This includes a focus on services in the economy, implementing smart industrial policies, and achieving decoupling – disconnecting economic growth from increased resource use.
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