ACR+ member ORDIF monitors every year the management of household and similar waste collected in the Île-de-France region. According to the latest report, the amount of household waste and similar waste collected in 2021 was 5.8 million tonnes, the highest amount since monitoring began in 2000. The ratio of waste produced per inhabitant increased to 476 kg in 2021.
The report indicates that the selective collection of recyclables has been increasing for four years, but the region still falls short of the national average of 82 kg per inhabitant per year, with two-thirds of recyclable waste remaining unsorted in residual waste mainly destined for incineration. The report also shows that the average residual waste per inhabitant after prevention, reuse, and recycling operations has decreased by 12 kg per inhabitant per year between the periods 2010-2015 and 2017-2021, and that the regional recycling rate of household waste reached its highest level since 2000 in 2021.
Source: (in French)


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