ACR+ member LIPOR is participating in the Be@t project (Bioeconomy for Textiles and Clothing). Be@t brings together entities in search of solutions for the reconversion of the textile and clothing sector in areas such as traceability and transparency, eco-design and eco-engineering, impact and new sustainability metrics. The Project is led by CITEVE - Technological Centre of the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal, with the participation of 54 entities including companies, universities, technology centres and other entities such as LIPOR. The objective of Be@t is to promote and enhance the Bioeconomy for the Textile and Clothing sector, with a view to accelerate the production of high value-added products from biological resources, as an alternative to fossil-based materials.
The public launch event of the project will take place on 11 May 2023, with the theme "From nature, in a circular and sustainable way, for people". Register here.
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