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ACR+ member Bruxelles Propreté invites Brussels residents to adopt new habits in sorting household waste. From 15 May 2023, residents of Brussels will be required to sort their organic waste for collection in a designated bag. 500 000 tonnes of unsorted waste were incinerated in 2021 by the Brussels Region, which is equivalent to 40% of mixed waste. Once sorted, it can be recycled and transformed into renewable energy or compost, two essential local resources for the climate transition. Brussels citizens have three solutions to implement the sorting of their food waste: sorting it into the dedicated bag, placing it in an individual compost bin or taking it to one of the capital's 200 neighbourhood compost bins.
At the same time, the sorting of packaging and a series of other plastic waste also becomes mandatory in a dedicated bag. The changes will lead to a decrease in non-sorted waste and an increase in composting and recycling. The new initiative is part of a wider campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices in Brussels.
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