ACR+ member AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area) has claimed that the selective waste collection has increased in many municipalities in Catalonia, with 39.3% of waste being collected selectively in 2022. However, 28 metropolitan municipalities failed to meet the EU target of 50% separate collection in 2020. In 2022, 1 470 074 tonnes of waste were produced in AMB, the equivalent of 445 kg per inhabitant per year. This figure has decreased compared to the previous year, when the generation was 447 kg per inhabitant. On a more global scale, municipal waste production has been reduced by 10% since 2010. The target for 2025 is for this reduction to reach 15%. The transition to door-to-door and smart container collection systems has proven effective in increasing selective collection, with some municipalities achieving rates of up to 80.4%. On a metropolitan scale, the Metropolitan Program for Prevention and Management of Municipal Resources and Waste 2019-2025 aims to exceed 55% recycling by 2025, reduce municipal waste and achieve carbon neutrality.

Source: (in Catalan) 

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