IMPACTPapeRec project has recently released its second newsletter! This new issue gives more information on the data-collection work carried on by the project team in both the municipalities involved in the project and in the external territories selected for their best practices. Several study visits were conducted and three reports published, leading the project team to deepen its understanding of the Paper for Recycling collection and management systems of the municipalities involved in the project.

In addition, the project partners identified and analysed good practices for Paper for Recycling collection. To this end, four "best practice working groups" were organised with project partners and the members of the External Support Committee: Operational Aspects, Policy, legislation, and economic aspects, Monitoring & control and Information & Communication. The newsletter also comes back on the first project Conference and Informative meeting organised in Barcelona in January 2017.

The project partners are now continuing to analyse good and best practices while evaluating potential application of relevant practices in the project cluster territories. A key outcome of the IMPACTPapeRec project is the publication of a Handbook on best practices in Paper for Recycling collection and management. The next step for the coming months is thus to develop a first draft of this Handbook, with the aim of having a more finalised version available in the summer. It will be further improved and updated by the end of the project in January 2018.

Make sure to follow the development of the IMPACTPapeRec handbook by subscribing to the upcoming issues of the newsletter. To know more about the project visit IMPACTPapeRec website.
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