Circular economy is now on every lip, for a valid reason of course. But are we sure that this concept is clearly understood by all? Nothing is less certain when some people are often only referring to recycling and waste management when talking about circular economy or when others are not aware that their activity - at least some aspects of it - is actually part of circular economy. Circular economy is a key concept, but it is also very complex.

Through its activities ACR+ has been in touch with many practitioners, representatives of public authorities, businesses and so on and clearly spotted a need for capacity building, especially within public authorities. A practical approach, going beyond online modules, is required. On-site training has proved to be particularly effective to grasp what's behind circular economy, especially when coupled with site visits and networking activities.

This is exactly what ACR+ and Venice International University are offering with their summer training course on circular economy: keynotes, lectures but also a field visit to Contarina (a front runner), open discussions and exchanges of experiences with high-level experts, etc.
As an ACR+ member, you benefit from a discounted price on the tuition fees, and, in addition, if you register before 3 March 2017 you will benefit from the early bird fee.
Don't forget to talk about this training to your colleagues, they might be interested too!
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