An important milestone was reached as four sport organisations—FC Porto, the Danish and Welsh Football Associations, and the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)—will start implementing the ACCESS methodology nationally. They will engage dozens of clubs in campaigns to improve environmental management in sports, collaborating with local and regional authorities.

This phase aims to establish these organisations as leaders in environmental management in sports, aligning with local strategies and policies. Their previous initiatives and the ACCESS journey are expected to attract attention and interest from various clubs.

To support this, the GAA conducted a training on community engagement and outreach on 9 April at Croke Park, Dublin. Trainers focused on mobilisation, communication, and inclusion, linking community and sport.

Sport organisations will conduct outreach to identify clubs interested in joining the campaign, designating “Green Teams” to coordinate efforts and contribute to a Charter document outlining project objectives. This Charter will be published in October 2024, targeting a wider audience with a focus on rural and remote communities.

Adhering clubs will undergo audits and consultations to create tailored Club Action Plans, ensuring the ACCESS methodology's replication beyond the project's lifetime. A manual summarising the approaches and activities will be developed.

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