The first Transnational Learning Journey (TLJ) of INERTWASTE, held in November 2023 in Pamplona, perfectly illustrated the project's core values: continuous exchange, a shared willingness to find solutions, and mutual inspiration. The Transnational Learning Document #1 is now available, summarising the practices discovered, the discussions held, the lessons learned, and providing inputs for further exploration, all that on the topic of regulatory frameworks for sustainable inert waste management.. Having found common ground and goals, project partners continue to communicate their enthusiasm to local actors actively working in the inert and inorganic waste value chain. In each country, they have already set things in motion and started addressing concrete barriers to a more circular value chain. While assessing activities to be developed in our own territories, INERTWASTE partners organised the second TLJ, which took place in May in Maribor, Slovenia. They investigated societal, technological, and market challenges for the sustainable management of inert waste from industrial and construction processes.

INERTWASTE has published two best practices. One of them addresses challenges in the waste valorisation process under the previous law in Spain, which was characterised by a lengthy and bureaucratic decision-making procedure managed by the central government. Have a look at the Good Practice here. The second one deals with environmental challenges stemming from overconsumption and single-use products, achieved through the implementation of the Waste Fund by the Government of Navarra since 2018. For further details, click here.

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