Do you know what is the amount of food loss generated in your country at primary production level? Feeling blurred? If your answer is “no”, relax, you are not alone. As mandatory reporting on food loss quantification started only in 2020, many EU countries do not yet have a structured monitoring and reporting system in place. This gap is what the FOLOU project will try to address. Starting from a review of national and regional legislation specifically addressing food loss prevention and reduction, FOLOU’s partners will set in place several actions to understand direct and indirect drivers of food loss generation across 4 food categories (fruits and vegetables, grains and pulses, animal products, fish and fish derived products) and across 3 different production systems (conventional, agroecological, organic). Do you, as a public entity, wish to take part in the process? We are here to help you! FOLOU offers plenty of opportunities to engage primary producers and government bodies in understanding which food loss measuring systems can be adopted, and how they can be reported in national registries. Connect with us!
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