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Ïkos is a collective of 9 Social and Solidarity Economy structures which aims to contribute to the fight against social, economic and cultural exclusions and inequalities and contributes to sustainable development and to the energetic transition. 
The association's medium-term purpose is to create a "village", an ecosystem of reuse, repair and recycling, with a common objective of social and environmental utility. 
This village has four objectives: 
1. Develop local and supportive collection and reuse channels, and primarily those of its members, giving priority to reuse rather than recycling, which is less virtuous. 
2. Participate in the social inclusion of all audiences by creating activities and reserving them as a priority for people in a situation of socio-professional exclusion. 
3. Propose a global and attractive commercial offer of second-hand objects by bringing together the actors of solidarity reuse in a shopping mall. 
4. Support changes in behaviour through: 
▪ communication, sensitisation and training actions on the impact of mass consumption, 
▪ and research & development actions aiming at facilitating the transition by experimenting with new uses. 
The members of the collective collect abandoned objects (Books, Clothing, Household appliances, Toys, Furniture, Sporting goods, Fruits and vegetables, etc.) and bulky items from social landlords. This collection is done through a network of terminals and voluntary drop-off points whose fine mesh extends over the entire urban and peri-urban area of the Bordeaux metropolis. In 2021, 8700 tonnes were collected. 
We asked Ms. Marion Besse, head of the organisation, a few questions. 
ACR+: Why have you joined ACR+, what are your expectations regarding your membership to the network? 
M.B.: Joining ACR+ will allow us to extend our network, share experience and information on resource management, gain in visibility and benefit from expertise in specific fields in order to fasten our village’s development. We are deeply interested in the development made by the network members in the reuse and circular economy fields. We aim to improve our future village inspiring ourselves from these initiatives. 
ACR+: How do you cooperate with local and regional authorities? 
M.B.: As a central player in sustainable development in the area, Ïkos is involved in locally sensitising citizens and taking part in most of the events organized by local and regional authorities. Ïkos is participating to the job creation policies and the circular economy policies of the territory. In addition to increasing the visibility of the project, Bordeaux city and metropolis, the department of Gironde and the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine are financially supporting Ïkos. 
ACR+: Could you share with us one of your main achievements, a successful project you conducted, (if possible, in link with resource management)? 
M.B.: The collective has successfully opened a second-hand shop (500m²) with a transversal offer in the very center of Bordeaux. The cooperative management of this store is a first in the circular economy field in France. At Ïkos, the consumer actor will find affordable clothes, furniture, books, sporting goods, … helping ïkos’ members to act for solidarity. 
ACR+: Do you have one or 2 main actions/projects that you would like to implement in the upcoming year (if possible, in link with resource management)? 
M.B.: The main strategical project is the development of the village. To achieve this project, we are looking for financial and technical expertise support. In parallel, we are developing sensitising tools to create more interactions with Bordeaux metropolis inhabitants and enhance awareness through interactive games and quiz. 
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