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As the LIFE REthinkWASTE project, revolving around the expansion of Pay As You Throw and Know As You Throw schemes across Europe, is entering its final dissemination phase, ACR+ is touring Europe this autumn providing trainings to local and regional authorities.

As the LIFE REthinkWASTE is coming to its end, the project partners are getting involved in a series of training sessions in order to disseminate the findings and lessons learnt throughout the project to European municipalities, with the objectives of provoking their current waste collection systems and respective waste fees. ACR+, as one of the project partners organised its first training session in Porto on 21 September and just recently, on 18 October in Pamplona. With an immense support from its members – LIPOR and the Government of Navarre, who hosted the first two trainings, the sessions were an absolute success as they provoked a fruitful exchange of opinions, lessons learnt and advice. These trainings imply audiences composed of waste management experts, data analysts, consultants and representatives of municipalities and regions with different experience in the field of “Pay As You Throw” schemes. On the speakers’ side, the training sessions gather experts representing project partners responsible for different tools, learning materials and other outputs of the project combined with guest speakers from municipalities with a long-running experience in using these innovative waste collection schemes.

While the project will see its final conference early November at Ecomondo in Rimini, Italy, one more training session is planned for late November when the REthinkWASTE caravan will travel to Athens, Greece and provide a similar training session to the municipalities in the region. Once all trainings are complete, more than 40 municipalities across Europe will have attended these training sessions.




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