After a rigorous selection process, the CCRI-CSO has finally kicked off with an all-day workshop on 19 October with active participation and presentations from ACR+. The event was held on the Committee of the Regions premises in Brussels and attended by over 100 participants, including the representatives from the Pilot and Fellow cities and regions, CCRI Projects, Associated Partners of CCRI, representatives from the European Commission and consortium partners.

The event was the first opportunity for the participants to meet each other in person and to learn more about the objectives, participants, and upcoming activities of the CCRI-CSO.

As the partner managing the support activities to Pilot and Fellow cities and regions, ACR+ gave two presentations during the event. While the first presentation focused on the challenges of the Pilot cities and regions in designing and implementing circular economy initiatives, the second aimed at providing detailed information on the types of support that the participants can expect from the CCRI-CSO.

For the next 3 years, CCRI-CSO will provide support to the selected cities and regions to design and implement Circular Systemic Solutions. It will create synergies between the on-going and future CCRI projects, knowledge and resources from all participants. By learning from the process which will explore replicable solutions, the CCRI-CSO will help accelerating transition to a circular economy at local and regional level across the EU.

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