The European Commission made it clear: all soils ecosystems in Europe should be healthy by 2030. However, to this day, is it estimated that around 70% of European soils are in an unhealthy status. Funded by Horizon Europe’s Soil Mission, Prepsoil aims at preparing the ground for the achievement of healthy soils through the identification of Soil Living Labs and the assessment of soils’ needs across Europe.   

Started in July 2022, the project will engage with 19 representative regions in Europe where PREPSOIL project partners will support the identification of soil needs and assess soil health based on 5 key indicators. At the same time, the project will engage a variety of different actors active at regional and local level to raise awareness on the importance of soils (in agriculture, forested land, urban and industrial sites), especially focusing on the improvement of soil literacy among children and youth. After 2 successful kick-off meetings, the 19 project partners, led by Aarhus University, are now looking for partner regions. How can you take part to the project?  

Prepsoil seeks demonstration territories were needs will be assessed. We also look for Soil Living Labs where measures to improve soil health are being experimented, and Community of Practices active in soils’ health preservation or restoration. Likewise, if you have example of innovative soil education for the youth to share, or want to engage schools in promoting soil education modules, then we would count you in too! 

If you are interested, contact Ms. Agnese Boccalon, ACR+ project manager for PREPSOIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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