Last 15 and 16 June, ACR+ hosted its fellow Green Sport Hub partners in Brussels to prepare the work for the upcoming six months. Project partners discovered the progress of the Self-Assessment Tool, an instrument for sport organisations, clubs and associations who want to improve their environmental performances by understanding the links between various practices and procedures and their environmental consequences. The tool will now enter a test phase. It will be evaluated by partnering sport organisations, by a panel of expert’s validators, and finally at a series of sport events taking place next autumn. The tool will then be officially launched in early 2023.
The tool will direct the user to a learning process composed of tailor-made suggestions and recommendations as well as a comprehensive database of available resources for learning. Users will have access to videos, webinars, and podcasts, which will include interviews with environmental experts at European level and testimonials from the events organising committee that have tested the tool.
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