The first GREENER workshop took place in Brussels on 15 June 2022 and gathered different stakeholders working in the field of green public procurement (GPP): public authorities, companies, training providers and a hub representing SMEs. 

The workshop started with an exchange of views on the barriers and drivers for SMEs to engage in GPP. All participants agreed that early market engagement is crucial to get to know what the market can offer before preparing the tender, and to increase SMEs engagement. The Wallonia and Flanders Green Deals are an example, but also the Buyer groups in the Netherlands. In a second part, participants gave feedback on the training modules to improve and tailor them to the needs of SMEs. They highlighted that the training material could be adapted to each country to provide more local information (e.g., tools, websites). A pilot testing followed on how to make a tender greener and increase SMEs participation.

The outcomes of this workshop will feed two project deliverables: the Guidelines to develop training modules on GPP and the Toolbox which will support SMEs to apply for green and circular tenders. Both will be ready before the end of the year.






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