The FoodRUs project started recently as an innovative collaborative circular food system to reduce food waste and losses in the agri-food chain. The project aims to develop and implement a circular food approach through a collaborative network based on the use of the ICT technologies to reduce food losses and waste along the agri-food value chain. FoodRUs will demonstrate at pilot level innovative action to address food loss and waste in three food product value chains: vegetables (Spain), meat and fish (Denmark), bread (Slovakia). The solutions will empower and engage all stakeholders in the local food systems, creating a sense of community and building a multi-actor alliance to tackle the challenge of food loss and waste. FoodRUs will also empower citizens to make them an active part of the solution.

In that project, ACR+ will in particular analyse legal and economic instruments that can have an impact on food waste at local and regional level and provide recommendations. ACR+ will also coordinate activities on cooperation and replication, including three ranges of tasks:

  • Management of the project’s Advisory Board, that will provide strategic and expert advice on the quality of the activities and deliverables and ensure that the project takes into account the different perspectives and interests of stakeholders of the agri-food value chain;
  • Coordination of cooperation activities with other relevant projects and initiatives related to food waste and sustainable food systems;
  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the replicability of the tested solutions in at least six European regions as FoodRUs Associated Regions: Valencia (Spain), Timisoara (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Linz (Austria), Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Halandri (Greece). Interested territories can contact ACR+ to find out what will be the benefits and ways to be involved.

The first opportunity to exchange with FoodRUs experts will be the organization of an online seminar on 27 May on “Collaborative and circular food systems to reduce pollution and improve health”, as part of the EU Green Week 2021. This event will present the innovative approaches of 5 European projects working in synergies (FoodRUs, CO-FRESH, FAIRCHAIN, LOWINFOOD, PLOUTOS) and an expert panel will address issues related to the sustainability of food systems at local and regional level. More information about the agenda and upcoming registration is available on ACR+ website.


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