The Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities Project (CRIC) has undertaken/concluded the following activities with the participation of ACR+:

  • the development of the Urban Analysis Reports, a 3-month study of ten CRIC’s pilot cities carried out by a panel of urban experts. The study sought to identify characteristics of each city and climate-related existing policies and policy gaps while providing recommendations to pilot cities.
  • the preparation of policy briefs, redacted by CRIC partners in an effort to provide condensed information on the pilot cities, policy analysis and recommendations as well as tool suggestions to tackle current challenges.
  • The Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), organised in the first half of February 2021 with the aim to collect inputs from participants about challenges and potential solutions related to the tools development in respective cities and to build consensus on the scope of the tool to be developed.

In the framework of the FGDs, ACR+ has started activities related to the Waste Management Tool Development. The description of the tool has been prepared and submitted to the partners for further discussion. The tools development process will take place through 2021 by involving experts from Europe and local partners. Afterwards, from 2022 to 2024, the tools will be tested, evaluated and implemented in the pilot cities. Following the findings of the Urban Analysis Reports (UARs), four pilot cities have opted for the Waste Management Tool.


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