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After two years of research and direct exchanges with many players in the recycling value chain (citizens, local authorities, recyclers), the COLLECTORS consortium is focusing its efforts on the publication of its last technical reports on social acceptance, cost-benefits analysis of waste collection systems, and alignment of waste collection with recycling. The project findings will then be summarised by ACR+ in two documents:

  • guidelines on how to improve the collection of paper and packaging waste, WEEE, and municipal construction and demolition waste and
  • policy recommendations proposing solutions to address the main challenges preventing local waste strategies from delivering high-quality secondary raw materials.

Several final communication activities will be held in order to continue the exchanges with different stakeholders. Three webinars will take place in April, May, and June 2020 focusing on the following topics:

  • What is the impact of improving the performances of paper and packaging waste management on the economic balance of waste collection systems?
  • Good practices to allow quality recycling and re-use of WEEE
  • Circular approaches for the management of municipal construction and demolition waste

The final conference of the project should take place during the last week of June and will feature the COLLECTORS project’s policy recommendations. Representatives of the recycling value chain will also be invited to discuss the future of waste collection to the transition toward the circular economy.


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