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As part of its involvement in the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy (UAPCE), ACR+ provided input to several actions, in particular the project led by its member The Hague on “stocktaking and assessment of typologies of Urban Circular Collaborative Economy initiatives”, the preparation by The Hague of a Circular Resource Management Roadmap for cities and the action on City Indicators for Circular Economy. Some of the partnership results were presented during the Cities Forum organised in Porto on 31 January 2020.

ACR+ will broadly share the final outcomes of the Partnership and will build on them, for instance to feed the exchanges between experts of the European Circular Economy Stakeholders Platform and the future activities of ACR+ within its Circular Europe Network (CEN) project.

The Circular Europe Network database will also get new input in 2020 with a new range of good practices about strategies from cities and regions on circular economy. Local and regional authorities are therefore invited to suggest cases that would be highlighted in the CEN database, with a strong focus on the governance, results and success factors of these strategies.

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