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As FISSAC enters its final stages, its expected goals are soon going to be achieved throughout the high number of activities FISSAC partners are carrying out. Regarding construction products, the consortium has developed a number of products at an industrial scale, which will be actually tested through real scale demonstrations. Industrial partners have manufactured at industrial scale innovative eco-cement and concrete, ceramic tiles, and rubber wood polymer composites, all of them using different types of secondary raw materials and techniques. Through five different case studies, the new solutions developed are now being showcased to demonstrate their employment along the whole Industrial Symbiosis value chain.

Over the last semester, the consortium has carried out an assessment of the replicability of the FISSAC Industrial Symbiosis model at different levels, aiming eventually at replicating it in EU countries not involved in the project, and within different areas for different products. More details about the FISSAC model are given in the latest newsletter. It also presents a short overview of the project’s latest activities, living labs and reports, such as the “Report on Industrial Segmentation, Criteria and correlation to the FISSAC first application”.

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