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The FISSAC project – Fostering Fissac HIndustrial Symbiosis for a Sustainable Resource Intensive Industry across the extended Construction Value Chain – involves stakeholders at all levels of the construction and demolition value chain to develop a methodology, and software platform to facilitate information exchange, that can support industrial symbiosis networks and replicate pilot schemes at local and regional levels.

Project co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, 2015 - 2020.


Presented during the final conference on 29 January 2020, the project achieved several results :

  • the new eco-materials implemented in different demo-sites;
  • the involvement of stakeholders through the living labs;
  • a platform made to facilitate the establishment and operation of Industrial Symbiosis networks;
  • the role of local authorities in fostering the industrial symbiosis.

Participants also highlighted the definition of a common and concrete legislation, the communication of industrial symbiosis opportunities and benefits, the social acceptance, and the facilitation of actions related to industrial symbiosis.


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