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While ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has been successfully implementing separate waste collection in the region, with separately collected waste accounting for 40% of the total, bio-waste collection still poses challenge. Francesc Giro i Fontanals, director of strategic planning at ARC, explains why that is the case and what some possible solutions are in a DECISIVE project interview published on 06 March 2019.
“Thanks to laws and strategic plans, we have improved the management of municipal solid waste. We have managed to reach 40% separate collection”, he explained, adding that “the new [waste management] programme sets the target of 60%”. Some 400,000 tonnes of bio-waste per year is treated in Catalonia, which results in an annual production of around 70,000 tonnes of compost.

However, there is a great degree of heterogeneity in how bio-waste is collected, for some municipalities used to resort exclusively to home composting, a practice that has led to some entrenched habits among consumers. Emphasising the added value for individuals of separate bio-waste collection is the way forward, Mr. Giro i Fontanals concluded.

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