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DECISIVE logo low resThe DECISIVE project – A DECentralised management Scheme for Innovative Valorisation of urban biowastE – aims to help with the reform of urban waste management systems for our ever-growing cities and populations. 

Project co-funded by the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 programme.



The DECISIVE project has recently published a report  "State-of-the-art of communication materials and incentive methods for improving biowaste" focusing on how to ensure the involvement of waste producers in decentralised biowaste management systems. The main target audience of teh report are households, restaurants and collective catering services.

The DECISIVE consortium is currently working on various elements, among which the preparation of the implementation of two demonstration sites: one in the Great Lyon, on the urban farm of DECISIVE’s partner Refarmers, and another one in Catalonia, on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


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