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In May, BLUEISLANDS project will host 4 free capacity building webinars focused on: Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Circular Economy, Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Tourism.

The first webinar, on 17 May 2018 (14:30 CET), is entitled “The Importance of ICZM for Coastal Tourism destinations adapting to climate change". It will present a general overview of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) approach in the Mediterranean underlining valuable good practices to be capitalized by the interested stakeholders on their own territories with a special focus on waste management issues.

The second webinar, on 22 May 2018 (14:30 CET), will focus on “Circular Economy on Mediterranean Island” by presenting the concept of circular economy, the steps to be taken for implementing a policy in favour of circularity as well as concrete examples.

On 24 May 2018 (14:30 CET), a third webinar will discuss the “Life Cycle Assessment for Waste Management” by presenting the know-how and fundamental notions that govern the Life Cycle Assessment as well as the steps involved in the assessment through examples linked to key issues faced by tourism development in insular context.

The series will be wrapped up with a webinar on “Sustainable Tourism - Educational and technical tools for its implementation in the Mediterranean islands” taking place on 25 May 2018 (10:30 CET). The webinar will underline the key issues faced by Mediterranean islands in terms of sustainable tourism, showcase “educational” and “technical” good practices in tourism as well as present a set of innovative actions to be taken by the stakeholders of the tourism sector.

Registration for the webinars is open on the BLUEISLANDS’s website.
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