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The second RE4 newsletter, published in April 2018, provides an overview of the project’s progress. Notably, it presents the mapping and analysis of construction and demolition waste (CDW) reuse and recycling in Europe.

The first achievement was an in-depth study of the CDW management situation in the participating countries against the background of national waste management plans and prevention programmes, in order to identify obstacles to recycling and potential deficiencies in CDW management practices that could lead to non-compliance with EU waste legislation. From the collected data and statistics assessment, lessons learnt were delineated.

In addition, several recommendations were provided in order to unlock secondary raw materials currently unexploited or underexploited within the EU:

  • Establishing and effectively enforcing standards related to waste reuse targets, and codes to increase the efficient use of prefabricated elements and provide standard definitions about these in the construction sector;
  • Transparently disclosing information and data to support informed decision making, to help build market demand for prefabricated elements in construction sector;
  • Informing construction sector about materials recycling and promoting innovation that increases the reuse of them, significantly reduces costs, and increases utilization of prefabricated elements in the construction sector.

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