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Between 24 and 26 April 2018, the DECISIVE project partners gathered for the 4th General Assembly in Barcelona, organised by ACR+ member Catalan Waste Agency.

Among others, two highly anticipated updates were presented during the General Assembly. Namely, the demonstration sites in Lyon and Barcelona. Refarmers and the Catalan Waste Agency, as the coordinators of the two demonstration sites shared the latest developments and advancements in the light of preparations for welcoming the two installations. The French demonstration site will be located at an urban farm in the outskirts of Lyon, where constant tests and measurements are taking place at the moment in order to obtain certain permits and also ensure minimal impact on the neighbouring residential area. The Catalan site has been just recently confirmed to be located at the premises of the UAB campus, north of Barcelona.

In addition to sharing project developments, partners visited the biogas and composting plants in Granollers, 30 km outside of Barcelona. Covering the area of ACR+ member Vallès Oriental, this anaerobic digestion and composting plant treated just above 50,000 tons of biowaste in 2017, what was a 2.28% increase compared to 2016. This amount enabled the company to produce electricity equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 6,500 inhabitants.

The last day of the General Assembly was reserved for an open event which gathered numerous guests from like-minded projects and academia. The objective of which was to present DECISIVE’s achievement and potential benefits for the wider audience. The event wrapped up with the discussion on the role of decentralised bio-waste management in circular economy.

The next DECISIVE General Assembly will be held in Italy in autumn.



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