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This autumn marks the final semester of the IMPACTPapeRec project. The main outcome of the work carried out by the IMPACTPapeRec project is a Good and Best Practices Handbook. This handbook contains valuable information able to assist the different European regions to improve the separate collection of paper and board for recycling. Also, it supports municipalities in the implementation of best collection procedures and practices which bring greater results. The Good and Best Practices Handbook is already an alive document and its contents are being progressively uploaded on the project website.
The situation in each of the seven project focus territories has been analysed and potential specific solutions are currently being evaluated. Recommendations for incentives, policy measures and standards are being developed. The innovation working atmosphere has been maintained and several innovation supporting activities have taken place, including a new series of interactive workshops.
In September 2017, the project’s last General Assembly took place in la Roche-sur-Yon in France, hosted by the partner Trivalis. The meeting was combined with a visit to the Vendée Tri sorting plant, internal working sessions and the first of a series of workshops for municipalities.
As IMPACTPapeRec is approaching the final stages of the project, several activities are planned for the upcoming four months. Notably, a second open Informative Meeting is planned on 18 October 2017 in Brussels, together with the 6th edition of the European Paper Recycling Awards organised by CEPI in cooperation with the European Parliament. In January 2018 three major open-to-public events will be organised in Brussels. These will take place between 22 and 28 January 2018:

  1. the Final Project Conference;
  2. the European Workshop for Municipalities;
  3. a specific Workshop for Entrepreneurs targeting enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors interested in business ideas and key issues identified for Paper for Recycling.

We encourage you to already save the date and join these exciting events!

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