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On 27 September 2017, the Interreg MED project BLUEISLANDS has launched its website, gathering data on waste and tourism.

The BLUEISLANDS project aims to identify, address and mitigate the effect of the seasonal variation of waste generated on Mediterranean islands as an effect of tourism.  The BLUEISLANDS website will help to spread and improve knowledge about the waste streams responsible for marine litter, in particular plastics. In addition, it will focus on the correlation between tourism and marine litter, and will promote the activities of the partners within the project. Visitors can discover the latest news from partners and results from surveys and research about plastic and marine litter in relation with tourism, including experiments and reports of data collection.

The project has already conducted a monitoring of plastic pollution and two sampling campaigns. Surveys on micro and macro-plastic were undertaken and preliminary results show that on average plastic debris largely dominate the composition of marine litter, and a higher proportion of plastic items is present on the most touristic beaches. Sampling campaigns aim to assess the impact of tourism on marine coastal areas through short-term experiments with macroalgae. They were carried out in Cyprus and Sicily (Italy). Results will provide information on the exposure of macroalgae to tourism activities, and provide an efficient system for seawater quality monitoring.

For more information, visit the BLUEISLANDS website and follow the project on Facebook.

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