On 3 February 2016, the Vila do Conde municipality inaugurated the 1st Smart Equipment for waste management. The smart equipment consists of an Ecocontainer with efficient technology for the sorting and selective deposition of waste. The container can only be used with an access card containing a personal and non-transferable registration code, which allows the user to register online and monitor their waste production. The Ecocontainer is located in Vila do Conde market, a central part of the urban space of the municipality. This project, developed in partnership with ACR+ member LIPOR and the Green Dot Society, marks the beginning of the Vila do Conde municipality being used as a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in waste management through promoting best practice and involving the entire community in the correct separation and recovery of waste.

Why a Smart Ecocontainer?
Waste management is an indicator of the quality of life in a city and of its inhabitants, thus a Smart Ecocontainer is a practical way to promote the vision of waste as a resource in the domain of public environmental health.

The Vila do Conde municipality, under the umbrella of Horizon 2015-2020, took on the challenge of directly tackling waste management, with a special focus on; urban cleaning and the sending of waste to an appropriate destination, whilst also ensuring that the potential of waste as a resource is maximised. In order for this to succeed, a set of plans and guideline have been put in place in order to guide management policies for the selective collection of waste. Selective collection aims to ensure that raw materials of better quality go downstream and can later be reintroduced into new production processes. This style of collection is a solution made available to large producers of waste such as shops, who have been identified as the producers with the greatest potential to segregate and forward the waste produced.

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