As a part of the European project SCOW (Selective Collection of the Organic Waste in tourist areas and in small-scale composting plants valorisation), a Composting Plant was constructed in Sort.

The Composting Plant was inaugurated in July 2015 and its facilities are already at full capacity. The first compost 100% made at Pallars Sobirà (Catalonia) is thus ready to be used in houses, fields and gardens of the county.

The selective waste collection ‘Door to Door’ has been operated in the region since March 2015, through the SCOW project. The organic waste was added to the usual fractions that were previously recycled by containers in the street. The start-up of this service was a necessary requirement to ensure good separation of bio-waste, which along with the use of compostable bags, has made the obtention of this high quality compost a possibility.

The SCOW project is funded by the ENPI CBC MED and led by the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, ACR+ member. It received the support of the Consell Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà and the Waste Agency of Catalonia, another ACR+ member, that has also financed the complementary actions of the Plant.

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