Giving a second life to plastic waste through cultural and artistic processes: this is the objective of the "Reuse" exhibition organised by the MED-3R project in Genoa, Italy. The MED-3R project, in which ACR+ is a partner, takes place in the framework of the ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CBCMED).

The initiative, which will run until October 2015, includes workshops, laboratories and training courses for adults and school kids as way to highlight the potential for reuse of plastic waste.

The exhibition will also showcase the work of three young artists selected following a national art competition. "Reuse" is taking place at Palazzo Verde in Genoa and is organized by the Municipality and University of Genoa, both partners in the MED-3R project.

The MED-3R project aims to reinforce the management capacities of local authorities from France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia with regards to waste collection, disposal and valorisation. The project foresees different actions in order to enhance the institutional governance of public policies related to waste management.

For more information, you consult the MED-3R website and the Reuse website.

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