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On 27 and 28 September 2017 ACR+ member Nantes Métropole co-organised 14th National Forum on Waste Management 2017. This forum, taking place every two years, gathered about 520 people and focused on the necessity to pursue the waste management sector collective ambitions in order to achieve higher performance and recycling, to put an end to wastage, to implement urban regeneration, as well as to foster smart, innovative territories.

The first day was dedicated to topical technical workshops, exchange and sharing of private or public experiences, often reaching out of France's borders. ACR+ was invited to speak during that day and joined the workshop on “putting an end to bad practices”, to which about 70 people participated.  During this session, ACR+ presented the Life Smart Waste project, in particular research done to fill in the gap of knowledge regarding waste crime, the work on various tools aimed at facilitating the early detection of waste crime (including waste flow audit, tracking devices and remote sensing systems, financial risk assessment) and interventions. Other topics where related to the new role of regions regarding waste management planning, bio-waste management, construction and demolition, plastics, the need to adapt sorting centres, etc.

The second day was dedicated to the reporting of the workshops held during the first day, followed by plenary sessions addressing the political and regulatory evolutions in global waste management, at the national and European levels, with contributions from French ministers and European experts.

More information: (in French)

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