The deadline for registrations to the 15th edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is fast approaching. You have until 12 November to submit your proposal. You can take part in three simple ways: 
  1. As an Action Developer: Whether you represent a public authority, an association/NGO, a business, an educational institution, or if you're an individual citizen with a passion for raising awareness about waste reduction, reuse, recycling, or clean-up activities, you can become an Action Developer.  
  1. Participate in an Action: If you are an individual or part of a group eager to contribute to the EWWR, simply look for actions taking place near your home. 
  1. Become an EWWR Coordinator: If you are a public authority with expertise in waste prevention and you're enthusiastic about taking a leading role in coordinating the activities of the Week in your area, you can become an EWWR Coordinator.  
The EWWR offers multiple avenues for engagement, ensuring that anyone, from individuals to organizations, can play a role in addressing waste-related challenges. So, don't hesitate—get involved, take action, and be part of the solution during the EWWR. Your efforts can help create a more sustainable and waste-conscious future. 

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