In July 2023, PREPSOILwill celebrate its first year of activity. Many actions are ongoing to set the base for the establishment of Soil Health Living Labs across Europe by 2030.  ACR+ member Southern Region Council in Malta is engaging local actors to assess the most stringent soil needs of its territory, looking at both coastal areas where tourism is prevalent, and at inland areas which experiences population shifts and evolving agricultural practices. Meanwhile in the Netherlands, ACR+ member Arnhem Nijmegen Green Metro Regio has successfully engaged business actors in a similar process. There, the interest to formalize existing multi-actor actions on preserving soils’ ecosystem services is bringing to the scene the perspective to establish a Soil Health Living Lab where businesses, research, public entities and civil society come together to address specific soil threat identified in a participative process. If you are interested to know more about Soil Health Living Labs, follow the project activities on At the same time, if you are interested to showcase interesting cases of urban or rural community of practice (CoPs) active in preserving soil health, do get in touch with us here.    

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