European regulations on used textiles are evolving fast: the Waste Framework Directive sets a sorting obligation in 2025, and the European Union’s Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles provides for the implementation of various instruments, including an Extended Producer Responsibility system, to accompany this obligation. Added to the important environmental impact of textile products, it is urgent to rethink the end of life of textiles but also the prevention of this waste. For thos wondering where to start to finally close the textile loop, ACR+ brings detailed insights on the situation.

The report Recommendations and Good Practices for Local Used Textile Management offers a detailed analysis and benchmark of current European practices, tips and recommendations on how to manage textile waste, and overall guidance for public authorities to get prepared for the upcoming obligation.

It includes five key recommendations:

  • Establish a local governance on textile management
  • Strengthen existing collection methods, and identify alternative collection methods
  • Promote textile waste prevention and second-hand buying
  • Extend sorting instructions only when an EPR system is available
  • Support circular tenders for professional textiles

Where to start and how to get there? Download now:

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