2017 03 06 06

ACR+ member the Green Planet Association has launched an online platform to interconnect packaging waste generators and collectors in Romania , following the completion of the “ÎnVerde project”.
For several years, the Green Planet Association is one of the most visible and transparent actors in Romania organizing actions related to a healthy environment, waste collection and recycling.
The “ÎnVerde project” is seen as a continuation of these activities. It includes an online platform, inVerde.ro to interconnect packaging waste generators with collectors in the area closest to them. Four sectors – Hotel/Restaurant/Café industry (HORECA), retail, beauty salons and car services – are particularly targeted as they generate the largest quantities of packaging waste in Bucharest. However, any organisation or business is welcome to register on the platform.
As soon as a contract with a collector is signed by a user, the company or the organization is automatically added to the “map of green locations” on the website. It is then promoted via social media, websites or press materials, as an example of good practices regarding social responsibility and as a supporter of sustainable development and sustainability.
Additionally, the promoters of “înVerde project” constantly organise in information and awareness raising campaigns for the general public, not in theory but also in practice. Thus, many points for collecting packaging waste from large retailers in Bucharest have been and will continue to be created, so that citizens can leave their waste at such points.
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