ACR+ member Dublin City Council is planning to install 800 solar-powered compactor litter bins in public areas while reducing the total number of bins by 20%. The council signalled it will consider an initial rental contract for five, seven, or 10 years for the new hi-tech bins. Alternatively, it will buy them. It is understood the cost for the plan will be almost 5 million euros. The council said the move was in line was the strategy of developing a "smart city".

The bins feature a wireless monitoring system that notifies the operator how full they are and are to be powered by a "standalone" renewable energy source. They would work by compacting litter as it is disposed by the public. Existing bin locations would be used as a guide for locations of the new bins. The bins would be coupled with "a software application usable through a web portal, delivering real time data information on each bin status and their inventory management." the tender said.


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