ACR+ member Intradel and the City of Seraing, a Walloon municipality of Belgium, inaugurated on 1 July 2016 in Jemeppe the first of 69 collective underground containers for residual household waste with a revolutionary system for calculating the weight of waste by residents.

To gradually replace the outer containers on the surface, the municipality of Seraing has decided to install more efficient, more economical and easier to use containers for consumers.

These new provisions will facilitate waste collection and they will provide better service to citizens: in addition to purely aesthetic aspect of these discreet and modern facilities, it should be noted a marked improvement in accessibility for people with disabilities, a reduction of noise and a reduced impact on the landscape. Moreover the underground containers, powered by a battery and photovoltaic panels, will calculate the weight of waste allowing therefore an accurate tax calculation related to individual waste.

24 containers of this type, they will be operational and accessible from the 7 July in Seraing. Then, another 24 containers will be installed by December 2016 and another 21 others in 2017.

Source: (in French)

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