The government of ACR+ Member Wallonia has presented its future waste management plan (Plan wallon des déchets) cancelling the former one which ended in 2010.

For already a few years, incineration and recycling have progressively replaced landfilling. The will is now to raise the share of recycling compared to incineration. What is considered as a waste can become a resource. This is the philosophy behind this plan which falls within circular economy, and this is why it is question of “waste-resource”.

2 million tonnes of household waste are produced each year in Wallonia. 71% of this is sorted, 55% recycled. The objective is to reach a recycling rate of 68% in 2025, superior to the European recommendation (65%). Sorting will thus be imposed everywhere in Wallonia.

From 1 January 2017 plastic films and hard plastics will be collected in recyparcs, and all Walloon households will have to sort their organic waste and PMD at the latest in 2025.

The industry, which is producing 13 million tonnes of waste annually (83% of the total amount), will have to also improve its practices, depending on the field of activity. For example, there will be more sorting in the construction area, or single-use plastic bags will be banned for mass retailers.

This Walloon waste-resource plan still has to be finalised by the regional government and presented to different stakeholders before being adopted by the parliament. Its application is announced for 2017.

Source: www.rtbf.be (in French)

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