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The COP21 was a success and a major step in the commitment by States to fight against climate change. It is a global challenge that calls for local action. Major cities, towns and all civil society carry solutions for concrete, ambitious and real action. A global summit, Climate Chance aims to become a regular event for all non-state actors involved in the fight against climate change.

Local authorities, associations, trade unions, scientific organisations and citizens are invited to this meeting, which should enable a picture to be drawn of the state of action worldwide, exchanges to take place to explore in depth the successes and difficulties, to promote the pooling of experience and innovations, and to highlight the opportunities that arise from this resolute fight against climate change.

Welcomed at the initiative of ACR+ Member Nantes, the first edition of Climate Chance will take place from 26 to 28 September at La Cité, the Nantes Congress Centre. This major event should bring together several thousand participants from all over the world. The city of Nantes is an ACR+ Member, European Green Capital in 2013, President of Eurocities, climate spokesman for the Cités et Gouvenement locaux unis (CGLU) network. It is a recognised city for the ecology and energy transition. Building on the Nantes urban area, this world summit will enable actors to experiment concrete dialogue between local civil society and representatives of international civil society.

For more information: www.climatechance2016.com

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