ACR+ member ATIA ISWA ITALIA is organising two conferences on 20 May 2016 in Ravenna (Italy).

The first one, taking place in the morning, is entitled “Open data e rifiuti: il quadro europea, le prospettive in Italia" (Open date and waste: the European framework, perspectives in Italy). It aims at exploring the potential of open data in the waste sector. It will investigate opportunities and modalities of creating an open platform, as open and accessible as possible where public administrations, deciders, academics and the research community will have the possibility to find (at the level of their choice) up-to-date and comparable data regarding the production, the management, the disposal, the recycling and re-using of waste.

It will be followed in the afternoon by the seminar “Rifiuti inerti e terre e rocce da scavo" (inert waste and lands and rocks designated for excavation). It will include several interventions on the topic, for example on the existing norms for lands and rocks designated for excavation, on the problematic and perspectives of recuperating construction and demolition waste  or on the law for the management of inert waste originating from construction and demolition.

Both events will be held in Italian.


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